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About National Insurance Overseas Mediclaim Policy

Going abroad is everyone’s dream come true and when we get the chance to go abroad, no one can be happy more than us. We can go abroad for business or for holidays. We can go there for our employment or for our study. Or maybe we can go their frequently because of our business meetings. We tend to enjoy ourselves a lot but what we don’t notice is that we might just fall ill anytime or face any other problems and the financial burden on our families would be too much.

National Insurance has thought about all this and has brought to us the National Insurance overseas Mediclaim policy which takes care of all the travel emergencies when the benefactor is travelling abroad.

The different types of coverage of the policy:


The benefits given by the policy are:

There are some benefits given to the benefactors of Section A and Section B. Section A benefactors are given extra worth 15,000 $ for Medical expenses, evacuation, repatriation whereas, Section B benefactors are given 7,500 $ extra for Personal accident, permanent disability. Teamed up with these benefits, the benefactors can also buy the policies online with the help of credit cards or debit cards. One can also buy the policies with the help of net banking.

Additional benefits given by the policy include:

Plan A1 A2 B1 B2
Section A (Illness, medical evacuation, repatriation) 50,000 $ 2,50,000 $ 1,00,000 $ 5,00,000 $
Section B (Personal Accident and disablement) 10,000 $ 25,000 $ 25,000 $ 25,000 $
Section C (Loss of checked baggage) 1,000 $ 1,000 $ 1,000 $ 1,000 $
Section D (Delay of checked baggage) 100 $ 100 $ 100 $ 100 $
Section E (Loss of passport) 150 $ 250 $ 250 $ 250 $
Section F (Third party bodily injury & bodily damage) 2,00,000 $ 2,00,000 $ 2,00,000 $ 2,00,000 $

Additional benefits like Plan K, for travel in Asian countries excluding Japan for business and holiday is limited to 15,000 $. Along with which, Section A covers emergency dental services of upto 225$ per occurrence for immediate relief of dental pain in accumulation with other medical expenses related to repatriation, medical evacuation etc. the only point One has to keep in mind is that deductible are applicable for each section.

The policy can also be bought online:

The features of the policy are so much that it is fairly impossible to not avail it in the case of going abroad for any reason. The best part about the National Insurance Overseas Mediclaim policy is that it can be bought online with the help of credit cards or debit cards. Net banking is also a system of buying the policy. For buying the policy, click on the link given below

Some of the key features of the policy includes:

  • The claims that are to be made are paid to the doctors and hospitals abroad in foreign currencies, mostly by the service providers. If the facility of cashless is not available, then one can also opt for reimbursement.
  • The various travel emergencies that are faced abroad are also covered by the policy.
  • If you are not employed, then the premium can also be paid in Indian rupees.
  • The policy is also available across all citizens of India, Nepal or Bhutan who plan on going abroad for business or holiday purposes.
  • Foreign nationals working in India and Indian nationals working abroad are also liable to get the facilities of the policy.

The policy covers so many things:


The medical reports to be submitted with the claim form to avail the claim are the ECG reports and the fasting blood sugar or urine strip test report. If in any circumstances the travelers are not able to submit the medical reports within due time when the policy cover has to be restricted to 10,000 $

There are certain exclusions to the policy too:

  • The claims that arise out of participation in the military, naval or air force operations are excluded from the coverage of the policy.
  • Suicide, intentional self-injury, HIV AIDS, mental disorders etc are also excluded from the coverage.
  • Any pre-existing illness or disease, either known or unknown, are excluded.
  • Winter sports, mountaineering, adventure sports etc related claims are also excluded.

If the features of the policy have intrigued you enough to buy the policy then click on the link below and the policy can be bought online through credit or debit cards. One can also opt for agents to visit the home of the benefactor to know the details about the policy.