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Most Popular Policies of National Insurance

  • National Insurance Mediclaim Policy
    The National Mediclaim Policy comes with 1 year tenure and the sum insured range between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5 lakhs.
    key features of National Mediclaim Policy
    • Lifelong renewal option
    • coverage for Ayurveda and Homeopathic treatment
    • SMS alert for claim updates
    • sum insured increases by 5% for every claim free year
    • 50% reimbursement of pre-policy check-ups cost upon acceptance
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  • National Insurance Parivar Mediclaim Policy
    National Insurance Parivar Mediclaim plan offers coverage for expenses due to hospitalization and treatment of the entire family of the proposers.
    key features of National Parivar Mediclaim plan
    • Coverage for existing hypertension and diabetes with additional premium
    • Coverage available for expenses like X-ray, Chemotherapy, Dialysis, Radiotherapy
    • Coverage for expenses before hospitalization up to 15 days
    • Coverage for expenses after hospitalization up to 30 days
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  • National Insurance Varistha Mediclaim Policy
    National Varistha Mediclaim policy covers certain critical illness, ailments and accidental injuries of senior citizens.
    key features of National
    • Cataract, organ transplant treatments are covered up to a certain limit
    • Coverage for existing hypertension and diabetes with additional premium
    • Coverage available for expenses like X-ray, Chemotherapy, Dialysis, Radiotherapy
    • Coverage for cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis are covered without hospitalization
    • Bonus and health check-up cost is available on each claim-free year
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About National Insurance Company Limited

National InsuranceNational Insurance Company Limited is considered as the oldest general insurance company in India. The National Insurance Company Limited came into existence way back in 1906. However, the nationalization of National Insurance co ltd dates back to 1972, 66 years after the inception of the National insurance company ltd.

National Insurance Company was integrated with 11 indigenous organizations and 21 foreign establishments to form National Insurance Company ltd. National Insurance Company Limited is one of the 4 subsidiaries of General Insurance Corporation of India owned by Government.

Achievements of National Insurance Company Limited

National Insurance India is the sole Public Sector General Insurance Company headquartered in Kolkata. Being the oldest PSGIC, National Insurance India is the pioneer to many significant milestones. National India Insurance was the very first to launch customized insurance products for both rural and corporate sector.

The foundation of Techno Marketing Project Cells is the further extension of the trend of coming up with customized products. The Techno Marketing Dept. was designed to insure massive projects and to provide agrarian customer with offer the Farmers Package Policy to meet their needs. Moreover, National Insurance Company Limited was also the settler of Strategic Alliances in India.

National Insurance India tied up with M/s Maruti, the biggest automobile manufacturer in India and M/s. Hero Moto Corp, one of the leading Two Wheeler companies in the country. These collaborations led to a fundamental change in the method of Service Delivery for Motor insurance.

National Insurance India also merged with the ruling banking establishments of the country to become the founding-father of Bancassurance in India.

Facts and figures about National Insurance Company Limited

National Insurance Company Limited boasts extensive network all over India. There are a whopping 1998 offices across the country run by 14902 insurance professionals. The operation of National Insurance India is not limited within the country as they boast a presence in Nepal as well.

National Insurance India is the second largest non life insurance provider on the basis of gross direct written premiums or GDWP. Motor Insurance is the biggest segment of India’s insurance market. National Insurance India retained the biggest market share in motor insurance market among all insurance houses in India in terms of GDWP accumulated in the fiscal year of 2015.

Aside from a lion’s share in motor insurance, national insurance mediclaim policy and national health insurance schemes also have a fair share in the market.

Being the leader in North and East zones, the amount of premium recorded by National India Insurance is Rs 11282.64 crore in the Fiscal Year of 2015. National India insurance recorded highest PBT or Profit Before Tax worth Rs 1196.74 crore surpassing its previous year’s total of 1007.82 crore.

The investment income have also increased from the earlier 2263 crore to Rs 2654 crore. Contributed a handsome Dividend of Rs 165 crs in 2013 -14, the dividend to the National Exchequer for Fiscal Year of 2013-14 was Rs 165 crore for National Insurance Company Limited. The amount has increased to Rs. 195 crore in the fiscal year of 2015.

National Insurance Company Limited enjoys a B++ rating in financial strength by A.M. Best and a rating of bbb+ in issuer credit. The ratings show the consistent investment performance of the Company, its strong risk adjusted capitalization, and most vitally its robust presence in insurance sector of India.

National Insurance Online Renewal

The advent of internet has made National Insurance renewal process utterly easy. Now that National Insurance renewal can be done online you no longer have to spend a lot of time and effort in visiting the brick and mortar office of National Insurance Company Limited. The trend of National Insurance Online Renewal has become very popular among those who have secured policies from National Insurance Company Limited as the whole process of National Insurance online renewal now can be done within a few minutes from the comfort of policyholders’ home. Furthermore, National Insurance online renewal procedure can be carried out at any time of the day. This is why National Insurance online renewal is lot more convenient than the traditional process of National Insurance policy renewal. Nowadays, most of the policyholders at National Insurance Company prefer to visit national insurance company online for national insurance renewal online. Gone are the days when policyholders have to spend days in visiting your nearest branch office of National Insurance Company Limited, filling the form and complete the long process to renew your National Insurance policy renewal. So, if you have a policy from National Insurance company Limited and the time has come for national insurance policy renewal, your go-to method for national insurance renewal should be National Insurance renewal online. All you need to have is a computer with internet connection for a successful national insurance policy renewal.

Almost all policies available at National Insurance Company Limited come with 1 year policy period. To enjoy the benefit of continuous policy it is essential to get National Insurance renewal done every year. All policies at National insurance company ltd are eligible for online renewal be it a motor insurance, travel insurance or health insurance policy. The portal to visit National Insurance Company online Limited performs a lot of online services including National Insurance renewal online.

National Insurance Online Payment

The National Insurance Online Payment option has made the lives of the policyholders lot easier. They no longer have to visit the branch office for payment. Keeping the changing needs of customers across the country, National Insurance Online Payment facility has been incorporated. Now that all types of tasks can be carried out online, making payment is no exception. Most consumers have found National Insurance online payment mode user-friendly for a number of reasons.

Any customer of National Insurance co ltd is eligible for National India online payment. Moreover, all National Insurance online policies come with online payment option. And, most importantly, policyholders can choose from different National Insurance Online Payment modes as per their convenience. These National Insurance online payment modes can be utilized to buy and renew policy. Purchasing National Insurance online policies has become popular among proposers and the practice of National Insurance Online Renewal has caught up among policyholders as well.

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Contact Details – National Insurance Company :

3, Middleton Street, Prafulla Chandra Sen Sarani,
Kolkata, West Bengal, 700071
Phone: 22831705
Fax: 22831740